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I have a relationship, or I should say, a relationship has me. 9 years ago I met a man and our journey began. It started with sweetness, joy, desire, chemistry and all that good stuff that is required for THE bond to happen. A few months into the relationship I started getting upset and triggered ALOT. He was attentive to me in bed but not outside of bed as much as I needed. We had the right ingredients for the bedroom but the wrong ingredients for daily living. He was a bit shut down and I required a lot (from not getting love and attention from my father). Needless to say, it was a challenging combo. But we hung in there! For 8 years were were off and on. We continually tried to hit our heads on the wall and make it work, put a square peg into a round hole, therapy, energy work, you name it, we did it. We fought to stay together. I started to get anxiety, insomnia, I started feeling powerless and worn out. I finally took these messages from my body as it was where I was not supposed to be. Breaking up with him for once and for all has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Letting go of love is not easy. I don’t know if it was a ‘healthy’ love but it was love as I knew it and when it was good, it felt so good. But when it was not, it hurt badly and consumed my life.  I am now going into my 2 year of the breakup and there are times when I miss him so much it hurts physically. Especially when certain things remind me of him, places or things….then the pain begins. It all starts in my mind. I let my mind go to the past of the good times, to the future of what could have been, I beat myself up saying if I had better role models when I was a kid I could have done the relationship better. From there, my mind becomes a downward spiral and magnetizes more negative thoughts. Well yesterday I reached out to him. Whenever I do, I just feel worse. And when I went to bed, I had such a bad dream about us. I was at his house and he told me that before I come in he had to hide things that his current girlfriend had around. He said she threw a baby shower for one of his cousins and there were some of the gift bags in his kitchen. He went on to tell me that since I was basically such a difficult girlfriend, he couldn’t ever take me around his family and that’s why I didn’t know he had this cousin. In my dream, I could feel my body having the same reaction I used to have frequently in real life. I left his house very upset but before I did he reminded me, “I”m done and your done!” I woke up from my dream and just felt horrible. My eyes and the rest of my body showed the effects of the stress in my dream. Thank God I have meditation as a daily practice. This morning I really got to put it to the test. I know that meditation transforms our energies from lower ones to higher ones. In my mediation I could see and feel that all my energies were in the past and that was causing me pain. I also noticed I had a huge block in my heart chakra that was causing me tremendous pain and energy drains. I just noticed the stuck energy, I just sat with it. Almost like a child, sometimes all they need is your Presence and loving attention. I gave myself the Presence and attention I needed through awareness. The blocks cleared, my energies balanced and I consciously and subconsciously came fully into the present moment. I came out of my meditation excited about this day and what I have to offer the world today. I also recommitted to living my new life with me fully present, involved and open. It’s an amazing thing, that we truly hold the key to our pain and to our freedom.

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With much, much pure LOVE,

Jill P. Thomas

IamSo, the last few days I’ve been in a slumpy place. It started with not the best self care…stayed up too late and gave away too much of my energy. Boundaries and self care; something I continue to work on. Anyway, all that caused me to feel depressed, lose my mojo (which is everything!) and I was just off. Then I did something, something very, very simple which caused me to release the weight that was on my soul. I had a quick thought that life is supposed to be joyous and not heavy, and I desperately wanted to feel better, now! The next second, these words came to me, “I AM”.  I immediately started to feel lighter and more energy came into me. It was so miraculous. I said it a few more times in my head, quietly to myself. I have often heard that these are powerful words and I know get it. What was going on in those moments of the shift in my mind and spirit was that I realized ‘I am and that is enough.’ I am, and that is enough, really get that. It is simple and profound.

I hadn’t realized how hard I was being on myself, even though it was subtle messages to myself. Was I good enough at work, will I ever love again, am I losing my feminine nature because I’m increasing my strength as a woman in business, am I not sexy anymore because I’m not making love, am I looking and feeling old, am I chubby? Whew, no wonder I felt weighed down. The words of ‘I am’, cleared me. So I  decided to write and share about this shift. Not sure how many people read my blog but if this technique could help one person feel better or get some relief, then it’s worth my while.

By the way, I even had an underlying sense of anxiety because I didn’t know when the bad feeling would end. The ‘I am’ and the exploration into the combination of those words lifted the anxiety too.

We MUST be our biggest cheerleaders, our own biggest fans. We are with ourselves forever, our relationship with ourself is one of thee most important you’ll ever have.

Word play for you, have fun and make it work for you! Here’s my wordplay.

I am:

good enough

a child of God

good at what I do

loved and loving

I am is a complete sentence in itself and it is also the start of a sentence. I invite to play with it, don’t think, your inner guidance will tell you what to say in regards to it. And try to feel the energy of it sink into you.

I wish you much love and peace. Be still and know.