So, I know there is greatness within me and I’m closer to it than I’ve ever been before. But there is something I am still trying to overcome, self sabotage. The underlining belief I must have is that I’m not worthy and/or capable of a different life, a better life. I’m not saying mine is bad but I am someone who likes to continue to keep evolving. I’ll be going along just fine, vibrating high, new things coming into my life, expansion, joy, peace, deep sleep, tuned in, and then bomb….I’ll do something really stupid, get completely off track and get loose all of my power. My power struggles are between my¬†frontal lobe and the reptilian part of my brain. I’m hoping that this new awareness and being able to name it and write about it, will help me bridge the gap of my desires and my actions; where I am and where I want to be; who I am today and who I know I can be tomorrow. Hey, you reptilian brain, you no longer need to play small and just survive, loosen up your grip and join the party, we’re going places and it’s going to be fun!